The Pan-Galactic Postal Service doesn't just deliver the mail. A crypto-military organization with a monopoly on interstellar commerce, the PGPS safeguards the Community of Worlds, bringing mayhem to all who threaten Galactic stability. In a civilization that breeds Citizens who cannot kill, the dirty work of frontier defense is left to non-Citizens, recruited from isolated non-member planets. Gordon is one of these -- the PGPS Fighter Corps is the only ticket off of his homeworld, a backwards farm planet called "Earth."

Interstellar war looms. Ruthless insurgents from the edge of the galaxy foment rebellion on the frontier. But these events are quickly overshadowed by a new crisis: something is making stars disappear, and it's headed for Archive, the clerical heart of the PGPS.

Gordon and his friends, a neurotic navigator who may have written and then lost the finest epic poem in history and a beautiful woman who is counted among the seven greatest geniuses in the galaxy, speed together toward Archive aboard the PGPS Galahad. At their destination awaits the supreme test -- of Gordon, of his friends, and of all humankind.

The first issue of "Gordon and the Stareater" should weigh in at 24 pages when completed.

Note: the pages shown here change frequently. This is a work in progress, which means anything that's ugly will be made beautiful, and anything that's dumb will soon be dauntingly erudite-seeming. All final-pencil drawings are done with a number two pencil on bristol board and scanned at Kinko's. Color is added in Photoshop.